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NOWTV Loading screen for episode says watching on another device limit

When going to select an episode, it says I'm watching on too many devices. I haven't logged in anywhere else apart from MacBook (using now) and an iPhone 14 which isn't being used at the moment.

can watch as normal on iPhone without MacBook but MacBook has issue as soon as clicking play.

have logged out on MacBook and back in same issue

have cleared data and cache same issue


anyone got any ideas???

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If you try to switch from watching between two devices within about 15 minutes you may run into this problem. Make sure you completely exit whatever you are watching and go all the way back to the home/login page. If you just stop using the device that is not enough, the servers don't know!  🙂

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Legend 5


What @redchiz1 says is spot on, you need to do a clean exit of the stream going to the home page. Force closing etc will ruin that exit and make you wait the 15 minutes. 

Doing anything else won’t speed it up, only way around it would be speak with staff via live chat to force remove all devices from your account. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help