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Monaco F1 qualifying on demand

This is a question about Now TV motorsport catch up in general. I'm trying to watch the Monaco F1 qualifying and trying to avoid finding out the result before I do but the stream is not available yet 15 or 16 hours after the event. This is not the first time I have missed a live motorsport qualifying event (F1 and Indycar) and the catch up stream seems to take in some cases more than a day to be available and it is then basically irrelevant because the main race has happened. In the case of F1 Ted Karavitz qualifying notebook and all other previous episodes like the F2 and F3 races appear but not the actual qualifying and this I find more than a little frustrating so does anyone know why this the case?


Agree this is incredibly frustrating and considering the cost of Now TV starts to make the whole thing feel like a waste of money for those who often won’t get the live but depend on the On Demand - I’d rather watch the edited highlights for free on another broadcaster than get the full version too late to be of interest.