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Lacking consent in channels?

Hi All, 


Used to be a active subscriber to nowtv entertainment, been given a free trial to have a look what's about in here. But is it me but the main TV channels ie Atlantic, Fox. All lacking content? I wanted to have a bit of a catch up on walking dead and the Fox section has only 9 different series in content.  Looking at Atlantic wanted a catch up on Westworld, but nothing. Has content become scarce on Nowtv and is it worth continuing to subscribe past the 30 days? Are they removing the bigger channels for their own channels like comedy and history? 



Anonymous User
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Title meant to say Content btw lol

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I think you have re joined NowTV with the Entertainment Pass at the wrong time in the NowTV calendar if you are looking for The Walking Dead and Westworld.


Where The Walking Dead left the NowTV service in March 2020 and Westworld left about two or three weeks ago.


I am sure these two popular TV shows will return sometime in the future.


The Fox channel never has much TV show content from what i have seen over the years, but channels like Sky One and Sky Atlantic always has plenty of content to watch (it just depends if it is the type of TV programmes that you like watching).


The Bulk of my Entertainment Pass is mainly used for watching Sky Atlantic, where their content is the type of high production value shows that i tend to enjoy.