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Judder/missed frames on Sky Cinema

I've just started a free trial of Sky Cinema and seem to be having a few issues already.

Last night I was watching a film and experienced some odd judder/frame skipping. This happens for only a fraction of a second. It probably happened around 10 times during the duration of the film.

I'm now watching another film and am noticing it again. It's happened around 4 times in the first 20 minutes. I am not watching the movies on the live channels (Premiere, Hits, Greats etc).

I've had the misfortune of buying the new box (Roku 4631UK). I'm having all sorts of issues with it - "HDCP error detected" black screen warnings, skipping frames etc. 

Also still having issues with Sky Sports Main Event channel. Lots of red/green/blue pixelation. I complained about this and was promised an answer within 24/48 hours. That was on the 10th November - 11 days ago. I've still not heard back. This problem happens when using the LG TV app, the Xbox app and now the Roku 4631UK box (wired and wireless).

It puzzles me how you're allowed to provide such a half-arsed service. Why can't it work like Netflix? Why is your customer service non-existant? 

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