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Is Doctor Sleep available? When I search for it it doesn’t show

I could watch it live when it’s on, but I can’t find it when I search for it. 

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Hi @Anonymous User


Not all movies showing live are on NOW Demand.


This movie was on demand previously and I am guessing it's now been removed (unless it's buried somewhere in one of the categories folders which I couldn't find).


Perhaps @Izzie-T of the NowTV Team can check?


Otherwise it's on live again tonight.



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Hi @Izzie-T 


Can you check on your spreadsheet if this movie is still available on Demand or not ?



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@schnapps @Anonymous User Doctor Sleep is showing on all my devices. See screenshot below when logged into the community.



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Hi @Saint1976 


Thanks for the heads up, this movie must have been added after the first couple of posts by me and @Anonymous User after the 14th of May 2021, where i checked all the film categories On Demand (including Horror).


Or perhaps my tag to the NOW Content Team had some impact on the 14th ?

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

HI @schnapps  & All,


I can search and watch Doctor Sleep. please confirm if you have done the basic troubleshoot for unplug device/uninstall app, clear all history on device, smart TV & app. 


As sometimes tech devices can be funny, please do let me know the device type if it really does not work.


Thank you for your message.

*Please note that I am only able to look into on content related queries, any account, offer, etc related, please contact our customer team or live chat for help. Thank you.