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International channels (Like from India, Pakistan, etc)



I am new to Now Tv and just started my one week trial before I actually decide to switch over from Sky TV Dish to Now TV tech.


Just one quick brain teaser, are all those hindi channels (under international in entertainment package) included in Now Tv ? Tried finding those during my trial but no luck. Any insight would be appreciated 🙂





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Re: International channels (Like from India, Pakistan, etc)



Alas not. The 7-day trial is a full trial, so if these Sky channels do not appear in NowTV for you, they will not be there on a subscription either.


If you want these channels, best stay with Sky, or seek elsewhere for them, and don’t forget to cancel your Free Trial well before the week is up, so you won’t move on to subscription, and get charged.


The Free Trial will still last the whole week; Cancellation just ensures it won’t continue, chargeably, afterwards.

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