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I am absolutely sick of this website. I recently moved house, plugged my Now box in and all the terrestrial and FREEVIEW channels have gone. Looked all over for a plain old phone number to ring someone to no avail. An appointment with the Queen would be easier. Please can anyone advise me? I cant even cancel as nothing shows on my account to cancel. I pay 19.99 per month from a debit card but now don't get what I originally signed up for. This company's customer service is designed to be as un-user friendly as possible.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User A couple questions:


1. Did you do a retune on both your NowTV smart box with Freeview and your tv?

2. If you plug the aerial directly into the tv and retune do you now get any Freeview channels?

If you still cannot get any Freeview channels, you probably need to get your aerial checked out.

Scholar 2

Do you have the NowTV Box that has the Pale Blue writing on?

If not, then it is not a now TV issue. Do you have an indoor aerial you can plug into the TV to see what the reception is like?

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Thanks for your response. We get Now TV through EE. They say speak to Now
TV. I pay a subscription to Now TV. Please can you tell me how I can
contact an actual person via phone to discuss this issue? This is very
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Now TV has NOTHING to do with your reception of Freeview. You need an Aerial connected to your TV receiver if you are using any of the currently on sale NOW TV boxes. Only one box (the one with blue graphics) has ever had a Digital Terrestrial Receiver, that needed an antenna plugged into it to work. NOW TV and Freeview are totally separate products.