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Euphoria episode 1

First episode of euphoria seems to be missing on iPad.

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Re: Euphoria episode 1

I also see this on my iPad, and on my NowTV Stick, so I think it is pretty universal.


The series blithely announces that there are 7 episodes, 2 - 8.


I feel less than - dammit, what’s the word? - about this.



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Re: Euphoria episode 1

I too am having the same issue, episode 1 seems to have disappeared. When I checked the NOW TV app yesterday morning it was there.


Perhaps due to it being on last night on Sky Atlantic it was removed? That makes no sense though...

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Re: Euphoria episode 1

Checked for this series last night on my Now TV Stick just after 7pm and all eight episodes were there...... so I decided to watch episode one early, seems I was lucky to get it watched before it disappeared!!!!  Hopefully they'll spot this and get it back up soon.


Think I'll try and quickly binge watch the rest of the series before any more of it disappears!!

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