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Disney + sound constantly cutting out

Hello, wondering if anyone can help- I’ve been using the Disney plus app on my now tv box for sometime now but recently when I’m watching anything , the sound keeps dipping out. It’s only for a second or so but it is happening constantly throughout everything I’ve tried. It’s very annoying lol! I’ve tried deleting the Disney app and then re installing it from the app store but it hasn’t solved the issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 




Hey Sunshine


I don't use Disney+ but I do have a Roku 3 box, the device the Now TV box was cloned from, and I have found that rebooting the box from time to time helps enormously.


I'm not saying rebooting will work in your case but it's worth a try, BTW there are two types of reboot, soft, which will keep everything as they currently are, and hard, which will cause your box to go back to day zero.


UK Bob




thanks - I’ll give it a try 

Elite 3

@Sunshine1 is it just on Disney+ or on other apps as well? If the problem occurs on other apps, try a different HDMI cable.




Hi- It’s just the Disney + !! Which is weird , it’s why I tried deleting it and then reinstalling but didn’t make a difference. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Sunshine1 


This is a long shot, but i would be tempted to go into the NOW box settings and try setting the Audio to Stereo.


If that makes no difference, when watching NOW or Netflix content press the star option button on the NOW remote and play around with the pop up Volume Mode options (not sure if this function is still available on the older NOW Boxes, but is still an option on my Roku players).


Should you still have no luck, if you have another television in the home, then try the NOW box on the second television (doubt this would have any bearing on the matter, but worth eliminating the television sound out of the equation).


Last thing i would try is a full factory reset on the NOW box.