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Descriptions, First Air Date and Adverts

I am not paying for boosts for a start to get rid of adverts.... next, why is it the Now TV App on Apple TV cannot show basic info like episode descriptions rather than just entire (not per season) show overview info. Show episode first air dates, this is basic info that most other streaming services do. Then, get rid of the adverts before you can get to the show, you are wasting my life suffering adverts (on silent and being ignored FYI) to see the content I'm paying for. All4 is bad for this also but at least they are free. This is terrible that I am paying for this and being forced to endure horrible adverts! Lastly, the Now TV App on Apple TV is not properly integrated with the Apple TV controls, fix it Now!

I do not expect any answers from this community, I just needed to air my views. Rant over!

Legend 5
Legend 5


Your complaint about boost for adverts is going to be unheard. Even if it was it would be ignored. When adverts were added around 2 years ago none of us customers wanted them in the first place but we had to put up with it to get rid of adverts. 

Disney+ will be adding them some point this year, Netflix has already added them. Discovery+ added them and you CAN'T even get rid of them. 

The NOW promotional trailers at the start of shows are there to stay, a skip feature like Amazon would be nice though. 

Boos is not just about removing adverts, it gives you 3 streams instead of 1, on relevant devices 1080p and 5.1 sound. 

See this link which explains boost more.

As for the "air dates" this could go either way, the original US air date or the UK air date. Likes of Paramount+ they have the US air date for all the programs. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help