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Day Of The Dead listing/watching issues

I have just started watching Day Of The Dead boxset on Now and it shows that there are 2 seasons. When you go into it the seasons section again it shows two seasons but in one season it shows Series 1 with 2 episodes and the rest being released weekly and in the other season it shows Series 1 again but all 10 episodes!


If you start watching the series, one episode after the other like I normally do, it goes episode 1, episode 2 and then goes back to episode 1 again but for the "other" series! 


It's confusing as hell and now I can't get rid of the other "series" from my continue watching section.


Please sort it out NowTv and update as it's really annoying.


Many thanks and kind regards 

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Legend 5


Can you investigate this for @NashirU87 ? As the folder setup for Day of The Dead season is a bit of a mess. See below screenshot 


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks. I should've taken a screenshot. Probably would've helped!

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hi @gavs82008 @NashirU87 

this issue is being investigated


* Please note that I am only able to look into content related queries, any account, offer, etc related. Please Contact our customer team or live chat for help.
Thank you