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Curse of Oak island s10e20 missing from app.

Hi I am looking at my Now TV app on my Amazon Fire TV and Oak island s10e20 is just absent. I have watch the whole season and it shows that s10e21 will be available next week but E20 is just not there.


Can anyone help?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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The missing episodes in question seems to be there now.



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I'm really disappointed that this hasn't been resolved, a new episode airs tonight.  I think it's the last episode of the season and I'll be sure to cancel my subscription after because what's the point of paying for missing content! 

It would be bearable if you'd taken the time to resolve it promptly but it's been over a week since it was reported and there's no update. Exactly the same issue happened last year too! 

Literally ruined the whole season....Twice!



Any update, seems abit ridiculous that episode 21 was uploaded at 10:01pm straight after airing but yet we’re still waiting on episode 20, getting fed up now, 8 days and still not resolved, as mentioned previously this happened last year, come on Now tv please sort this, patience wearing thin!

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Replying to their post won’t mean that they will get a notification of yours and your question. You must tag them in for a response.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@ContentTeam this has still not been resolved? Can you please provide an update as there are a lot of us who really want to see the episode. Thanks very much.


This is getting silly. This is the only thing I watch on Now TV. If they are going to be useless I will cancel my subscription and watch it on a USA app over a proxy server. 


@ContentTeam this episode was aired 10th may, were now on the 21st, still no update, interestingly though it seems the episode can be downloaded by sky users, so I don’t understand why Now Tv customers do not have it available, 

All we’re being told is ‘it’s being investigated’ we’ve heard nothing and it’s increasingly frustrating! 



Series 10 Episode 22, Starry Knights, is also not showing as “available next Wednesday”. Please ensure this is available for Wednesday 24th May 2023 22:00 to avoid a repeat of the same problem which is still yet unresolved for Series 10 Episode 20.

Please provide an update on the missing Series 10 Episode 20. For reference this should have been available on Wednesday 10th May 2023 22:00. At this point "we're working on it" is not an update.

I think I speak for everyone in this thread when I say we'd like to understand what the problem is - (technical, licensing issue, something else?) - what's being done about it - and what's being done to prevent the problem again in the future. Especially given a very similar thing happened last year as well - please check my old posts for reference.

Your Twitter team is also not providing transparent updates to people.

At this point I can only assume the issue is of a financial nature.

Next steps will be raising a complaint and requesting refunds backdated to January which is when the Season started.

Please escalate.


@ContentTeam 22 airs today, 20 still not available and we have had no updates.  Please update us on this, I share all the sentiments here, this is not good enough for loyal paying customers.

my request…

1) update us as to the problem 

2) update us as to how long we will have to wait for a solution

3) apologise for the terrible delay in response

4) don’t reply to this message with something like… “ We have passed this on to our team who are still working on this, we appreciate your patience and hope you understand sometimes these complex issues can take longer to resolve…”


today please 🙂

I've heard that this week, Gary finds the letter 'H' which has so far been
absent from his life. Meanwhile Craig's voice breaks.

exactly the kind of mindless entertainment that I need!