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Channel 5 Issues

Hi all 


I'm a long term now tv user, I have recently noticed some issues watching My5.


When playing about half an in the picture starts to break up usually with large grey patches, sometimes bright green with pixalated colours, if I keep playing eventually the picture freezes completely and a few minutes later I get an error page with a code of: RK-2017.


I have tried reinstalling the app both between restarts and not, cleared the cache, and found the bit rate menu and tried setting both to the lowest and highest.


Lastly I tried powering off the router over night just tried it again and I have the same thing. I have logged into the router when the issue starts and don't see any issues. Also just to note all the other apps work perfectly fine it's only my5 which doesn't.


I'm lost what to try next can anyone help?

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@Anonymous User 

If I were you I would contact my5 about the issue. As it could be an issue with the app on Now TV/Roku.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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It is the app on Now tv box it will play programs but if you try to watch a film on the now tv my 5 app it goes green flashing. If I am watching movies saved on the list which is the only app that has the saved list, but if I watch it on my tv app or freeview app the picture is fine, which makes it awkward as I either have to write down what is on the saved list or go back and forth changing sources

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My5 are definitely the people to help. 


I can't find your error code on the My5 help page, I had an issue a few weeks back (couldn't play anything) with an error code I couldn't locate and what helped me on my ROKU express was a software update.


There was one available and that solved the issue (something to do with certification).


What I'm suggesting is you try forcing your box to update, even if the version numbers match. 


Instructions copied from another topic:



Have you tried going into your nowtv box secret menu by pressing the Home button 5 times, then quickly press the FF >> button 3 times, then quickly press the RW button 2 times on your NowTV remote.


Then once in the secret menu force a software update even if it shows you are on the same software version number.


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Hi I recently contacted them about this. It works fine on iPad etc sometimes iffy but you’re right you get 30 mins of tv before it does the exact same as you describe. I think they should fix their 5 issue with all subscribing 3rd parties. Or don’t offer the service because it’s done this for over a year now. Surely technical can resolve a simple problem. I get so frustrated and I stop it and watch it on iPad. It’s a shame they have great shows sadly let down by their poor service.