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Buffering issues but only certain movies

I purchased a new pass yesterday for cinema. Ive used before so Im not new. Im finding certain movies wont load (typically the ones i actually want to watch) but others load fine and no issues whatsoever. My internet is35mbps so no issue there and why would some movies work and not others. Pretty dissapointed. Netflix and primr are all ok... Im using via the app on my LG tv. 

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Same issue but on Samsung smart tv. I can play some programmes but not others, I just get the spinning balls.


Sky sports works fine on the app as well, really strange.

Internet speed is 50mbps...

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

As a suggestion I would delete and reinstall the app.


You could always set the TV to factory settings, this should squash any bugs in the software.


If that fails, jump onto Live chat.

Make sure to click "chat to an advisor"


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi, I have the same issue with my LG tv.  it was all working fine last week but at the weekend i could only play U or PG rated films.  I dont have parental pin so thst wasn't an issue, internet connection not an issue.  Like you prime, Netflix,.britbox etc all working fine.  Removed the app and reinstalled but same issue remains.  The advisor on chat suggested setting up a pin to see if that got rid of any bugs, tried that and managed to get some 12 rated films loading but not all of them.  Also tried a 15 film (bad education) amd after i put the pin in nothing happened...just the 4 dots going round and round. perhaps as i am on a cheap deal it's not working correctly

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Hi @Anonymous User 


The NowTV advisor you spoke to has given you some misguided advice.


Where over on Twitter NowTV have acknowledged problems with the loading spinning coloured circles on a lot of NowTV content when certain LG / Samsung Smart TV's with the inbuilt NowTV App, plus the NowTV App on Games Consoles.


Here's one typical screen shot relating to LG Smart TV's which i took from the NowTV Twitter site.