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Babylon Berlin

Has anybody else had problems when watching Babylon Berlin. We watch using a black box Now TV player. Certain episodes in s2 don’t finish. About 10 mins before the end they just hang and buffer. It is possible however for us to watch them on an iPhone … hardly ideal when you are right into an episode and it just stops.

I wasted 1.5 hrs with customer service last night. The customer service person was just reading from a script and wasted 1.5 hrs of my time before telling me to email a video of what happens.

Nobody at Now has even acknowledge my email sent last night.

not good customer care Now !!!

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

Is your iOS fully up to date? 

Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?


You could try downloading the episode and watching it that way. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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thanks for the reply.

Yes iOS is up to date - it wasn’t tbe iPhone that was the problem. It’s the Roku box. And yes updated the App - deleted it and did everything support told us. 
it appears there were a few customers having the same problem. 
But thanks for the response - very much appreciated.


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I have many times told Now Support that Episodes 5 and 6 of Series 2 Berlin Babylon will not play. Inititially the episodes stopped at 33 minutes in, and now they won't start at all.

Support have told me to try many different trial and error fixes, none of which work. I suspect they are making it up as they go along - just as happened when a Roku device could not access my Account.

Support claim they have tried accessing the faulty episodes, and experienced no problem. I do not know whether I can believe this or not.

The way I have now 'solved' the problem is to give up on Berlin Babylon, binge watch other stuff and cancel my subscription.


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thanks for this - yes we gave up trying to watch it on the Roku too 

Pity because it looks like a good watch.

The good news is that we managed to watch all off series 3 without any hitches. Cheers 


Thanks @Anonymous User for advising Series 3 is good, Series 2 was ruined with 10 minutes of the last episode missing, 


We had issues on Episodes 5 7 8 of series 2 now the end of April and the issues still exist, contacted NOW and they've been next to useless, why does everything take so long?


Sent them this thread link pointing out its a 5 month problem to be advised its a member specific issue and its been resolved  for the member. 


Funny how its still effecting other members


Top series though




Yes, a top series.


As regards the issues with Series 2, it works fine for most people, but any member-specific issue is likely to affect at least a few members,


Not knowing what the member-specific issue was, or how it got fixed, it’s hard to know if it was a real one-off, and you have a different one-off, or if Now found a problem they could fix for other members, and applied it remotely, or if they had to wait for other affected people to get in touch.


But now you have, I think you are entitled to ask why, if they could fix it for that one member back then, they can’t fix it for you now, whether it is the same problem or a different one.


I would be inclined to respond further to them, along those lines.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.



Good morning


The issue is exactly as described in the this thread, in one post it is to the exact minute (33 minutes in) Additional to this platform, this problem is also on social media. 


Appreciate your advise on responding further but this company is a truly awful customer service experience, I've spent too much time already with next to useless chat agents and still amazed that in the 21st century the digital age a streaming/internet based company can not have an online chat without dropping out on a regular basis. 


Looking to try a non Roku way of viewing before I waste my time further


Have pointed Tech to this thread, pointed CS to this thread and NOW Social Media monitors to this thread, they can review accordingly, hoping that pointing out what appears as an identical issue is now over 6 months old will have someone investigate. 


Will post my non Roku adventures to resolve when attempted,




Update - Success


Our issue was relating to 3 different Roku based sticks, 2 NOWTV sticks and 1 Roku branded Roku stick


Successful viewing of missing Babylon Berlin content on a PS4


For those with issues might be worth trying non Roku devices

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Same happening for me watching on ROKU box.  Depressing to hear that it's been reported and no-one is doing anything!