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And Just Like That S2 Disappeared

I was watching S2 of And Just Like That earlier today - and having just gone on my TV to watch again, it's disappeared! No matter what I do, including clicking on the TV series, searching for it first, clicking the link to it from the ads for today's release, its gone - just has Season One. 

I've come out of the app and back in a few times. 

Anyone any ideas? 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Jtaimej 

Season 2 is currently broken on quite a few different playback platforms.

NOW are in the process of fixing it according to the tweets I have seen on NOW Twitter Help.

I am assuming they have temporarily removed Season 2 until the episodes are fixed.

Season 2 Ep1 and Ep2 is still showing and playing fine on my Amazon Fire Stick when I checked about an hour ago (though Season 2 is missing on my Roku).

Legend 5
Legend 5

Season 2 Ep1 & Ep2 has also now disappeared from my Amazon Fire Stick (even though both episodes was playing fine this afternoon).

Hopefully NOW temporary removed S2 to able them to work on a fix in the background for Season 2.