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Adventure Time - Episodes in wrong order and missing

I paid for Kids specifically to get access to Adventure Time. There seem to be many episodes missing.

Some people have said that the missing episodes are banned in the UK. I know I have seen some of them on UK Netflix in the past so I'm not sure if that explanation is true. Possibly they were released in the UK and then subsequently banned but that seems unlikely.


Also, the order of the episodes is messed up e.g. there are *11* episodes from season 10 mixed into season 1. Adventure Time has an ongoing plot so this will ruin the story for anyone watching it for the first time.

From the forums I can see that people have been asking about this for a year or more. Does Now TV have any intention of fixing this?

Of all the streaming services I have used (Netflix, Prime, Hulu, iPlayer), the only one that has persistent errors across multiple shows is Now TV.


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