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Xbox teredo IP

I am getting very frustrated as it seems I am unable to get a proper connection for my Series X using the Now TV Hub Two. I do have a connection, but it is a 'strict NAT type' and the console 'cannot get a Teredo IP address'.

I have checked the settings and everything is turned on, including the UPnP and the IvP6 service that specifically says it helps connections to services like Xbox One! And yet, I am still getting this issue!? I can't possibly be the only one, yet I see no one else discuss this teredo problem.


I attempted port forwarding, specifically the console asks to make sure UDP 3544 isn't blocked, so I included that in my set up, and yet it is still not being recognised by the console.

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Hi @chilli2 @Britt 

No harm in trying switching off Broadband Buddy, but it didn't work for this person on this linked thread below on the Sky equivalent Sky Shield. 

I don't know if Xbox can work on IPV4 only without IPV6, but I found IPV6 on some of my internet devices caused connection issues and drop outs and since I disabled IPV6 on the NOW Router I haven't encountered no discconections or dropouts on any of my playback devices (everything has been running fine for 3 years plus on NOW since the changes was made).

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its not the dreaded roadband buddy setting  is it?

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Hi @Britt 

I don't own an Xbox, but see if anything in this Sky thread linked below gives you any pin pointers. 

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You’ve tagged this under the wrong section of the forum. The “consoles” section is for the streaming app only, not relating to a device issue with broadband. 

@chilli2or @Jayach are you able to help out?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help