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Xbox player "sorry there was an error in the player"

Upgraded my broadband last night and got "sorry there was an error in the player" when I tried to watch Watchmen this morning, no idea if they're connected since I haven't watched anything since last monday so no idea if it was working before brodband upgrade.


Reset console, cleared cache, unistalled/reinstalled, signed out, signed back in, removed device from list. etc. etc.


Nothing works, your app is broken Now Tv. It's not my broadband or a problem with your stream since I can watch on my phone, not like I want to watch on my fracking phone, well I would if you didn't disable the stream when I try and cast to TV from phone.


Fix this asap, or carry it on and you will be receiving a "there was an error in the payer" message from my end as I leave.

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