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Xbox 360 - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about Xbox 360 into this easy topic.


You can't reinstall the NOW TV app on Xbox 360

Please note that you can no longer download the NOW TV app on Xbox 360. So if you've already got NOW TV on your Xbox 360, you can continue to watch it, but you won't be able to download it if you're a new customer or if you should delete it.


Master Parental Controls on Xbox 360

How to change, update or remove your Master Parental Controls

 I'm experiencing Lip Sync problems on Xbox 360

How to resolve lip sync issues

Why do the colours on my Xbox 360 app look washed out?

If the colours look washed out on your Xbox 360 please try the steps


How do I sign out of the NOW TV app on my Xbox 360?

How to sign out of the NOW TV app on your Xbox 360


What do I do if I receieve the "Oops, Something went wrong on Xbox"?

Troubleshooting steps for the Xbox One app


What do I do if I receive the 800700E8 Error

What to do if you receive this error code


Streaming Quality for NOW TV on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 streams on demand content at a maximum of 720p, while Live TV is streamed in SD


For further help with Xbox 360 or any other device, please visit NOWTV.COM/HELP or let us know your query on the Community