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Streaming on Xbox one

Cancelled my plan because I am fed up of the poor service.


NOW TV does not work streaming through consoles and I am tired at looking at your poorly trained technical staff who reply to every single user with the same noddy reply, check dns settings or uninstall reinstall app or have you turned it off or on.


What needs to be done is now tv need to raise this to a team that can actually do something about it instead of trying to fix it pretending you actually understand anything about networks. 


Rant over. Netflix and Prime are leap years ahead of this poor steaming service. 


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Re: Streaming on Xbox one



Hi Dubzter


Your post must have been a cathartic experience for you even though it may have been futile, simply because the Now TV team may never see/read your mildish rant. You see, this forum is basically customer based and the guys at Now TV only pop in from time to time.


Still, you are perfectly entitled to let the powers that be, if they're listening, the cause of your dissatisfaction and your moving on to pastures new.


And the music plays on.



UK Bob

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