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Sound on xbox 360

Hi. We have sound fine on our xbox but trying to watch a programme on now tv app and no sound coming through when programme starts? Anyone know what this can be?
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NOW TV Team Nadine-K

Re: Sound on xbox 360



Hi Dean Welcome to the fourm


Try these steps to help with the issue you are having; 


 Start by uninstalling the NOW TV app

  • Press the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller to get to Settings, and select System Settings.
  • Go to Storage, and select All Devices, followed by Games and Apps.
  • Click on NOW TV, and then press Y to delete all.


Next, delete the ‘Optional Media Update’

  • Go back to All Devices, and this time select System Items
  • Find Optional Media Update and delete it.


Lastly, reinstall the app

  • Simply restart your Xbox 360 and download the NOW TV app again.

Now that you have the latest update, your sound should be back in sync.




Thanks The Nowtv Team 

The Now TV Team Smiley Happy
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Re: Sound on xbox 360

Hi there,


I have just bought NOW TV and I'm having the same issue. Sound is fine on the Xbox, even to the point where a programme is started in the NOW TV app, when there is no sound from there on. Going back to the Xbox and there's then no sound. Have to restart the Xbox to get sound back. I've followed the instructions provided by Nadine-K but this has not solved the issue.


I noticed that the Optional Media Update is automatically installed, even after reinstalling the NOW TV app.


Any guidance appreciated!

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Re: Sound on xbox 360

Has this been sorted yet im have tried this and didnt work.
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