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Sorry there was an error in the player

I have an Xbox one up until today now tv was running perfectly but now it will not run keeps telling me sorry there was an error in the player and it won’t play anything except for adverts which seems strange that the player won’t work?????? 


I have uninstalled 


cleared the cache 


Unplugged the internet 


restarted the internet 


now tv is working on iPhone not on Xbox 


all other deviecs work work fine but now tv won’t run can you help please. 

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Anonymous User
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I’m literally having the same problem right now done everything I possibly can to try and get it work my phone and iPad is working my other friends Xbox with my account is working but not mine I can’t get hold of customer support due to covid-19 someone help 

Anonymous User
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I'm having the same issue. I tweeted NowTV for help but not yet had a response. I have never seen this code before or issue. Mine is now just playing ads an after they've played its coming up with the error.