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Re: 'Sorry, there was an error in the player'

I am also having the same issues on my LG tv! Looks like there are no fixes yet! Come on NowTV please fix this!


Re: 'Sorry, there was an error in the player'

I've fixed it! My issue was an hcdp error so a problem with the hdmi protection through a sound bar. I turned my sound bar off left it for a bit and turned it back on. All working

Re: 'Sorry, there was an error in the player'

This worked for me! I also get problems with xbox's bluray app, because of this hdmi recognition problem now and then. Hcdp errors are common and a quick search would explain what and why it happens.

What i do to fix:

• unplug hdmi at both ends and then plug them in again.

• switch tv off and on again (preferably, a full switch off, usually little toggle on underside or behind tv)

• Otherwise try a different hdmi slot on the TV.


Hope that helps. Big thankyou to  PaulH5!


Re: 'Sorry, there was an error in the player'

This is also been happening to me.

However, I am TRYING to watch direct from my Samsung Smart TV app. Has been happening for a week now. So frustrating. Why am I paying for a service that clearly has an issue. It does work on my iPad though but I want to watch on a bigger screen.

Not much to ask for eh?

Come on NowTV - sort it out.

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