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Anonymous User
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'Sorry, there was an error in the player'

Hi guys, 

Hoping you you may be able to help. When trying to watch something on my nowtv app on my Xbox one it comes up with this error message 'Sorry, there was an error in the player' there is no error number, just that message. I've tried uninstalling it etc I've logged out of my account, reset my internet router, connected to my phone internet, removed the device from my account and adding it again. It works on my other tv and other devices just not my Samsung tv. Anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this? 


Thanks in advance 🙂 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Anonymous User wrote:

I am also getting this on the Xbox one, really frustrating, and considering cancelling my pass. Any thoughts?


Hi @Anonymous User, 

Thanks for posting, I'm sorry to hear that your experiencing the same issues. 

Can you please provide us with version of the app you are running on your Xbox One? 



Anonymous User
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I am also getting this message while trying to watch NowTv on my LG smart TV. Any help would be appreciated.



Anonymous User
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I have the same issue, LG TV.


It's happened several times and the only fix I've found is to reset the TV, which is a total pain in the backside as you have to reinstall everything.


Gonna cancel my sub if it happens again as it's doing my head in. Just about to reset the TV.... Again.... For the final time!