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Ps4 buffering issues

Honestly this has been an issue for a long time now, I cancelled my now t.v. subscription a year ago due to buffering issues. I figured I'd start using it again over Xmas and see how it goes. Thinking just maybe by now they would of come up with a fix for the constant buffering. I only use now tv on my ps4 as that's all I have. Now I've wasted money on a service I can't use. But also looking through the movies I was really excited to watch a few of those films. So I'm frustrated and disappointed. I've tried to reinstall app. I've changed my internet settings. I've tried wired internet. Doesn't make a difference. 

So I'll be cancelling my service because this should of been fixed by now it's ridiculous how a service whom offer really great content draw people in but can't provide for everyone. 

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