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PS4 app difficulties re- subs

Hi, I can’t find the option to turn subtitles on. Multiple people have said it’s on the settings menu - I cannot find a settings option on this app. It’s very frustrating, so if anyone could help me out that would be great 

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Hi @Yelhsa


Have you firstly gone into the PS4 and forced Closed Captions.


I don't own a PlayStation, but use something like Google to find out how it is done (assuming it's possible on a PS4).


Then follow the instructions on the link NOW article below to trigger subtitles. 


@Yelhsa @schnapps 


That link tells you everything except that when you haven’t got a global option for subtitles, you have to be playing the programme, and press Pause, in order to get the speech bubble to show up.


It’s hinted at in one of the images in the link, but never made explicit 😢

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