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PS4 App - Bad Quality on some shows


The last month I have had bad quality on the now tv app on the PS4. Not all shows in fact only two!! Big little lies and now euphoria. It’s not my internet connection I can view other shows it’s just them two. 


I don’t see point in paying when I can’t see it! The quality is too bad to watch. 


Any ideas??

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Re: PS4 App - Bad Quality on some shows

Hi @Audrey4 


Can you posts some screen shots of good and bad programmes, so we can see what you are seeing?

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Re: PS4 App - Bad Quality on some shows

you are not alone on this the quality of some of the newer movies like aquaman, fantastic beasts crimes of Grindelwald, Holmes & Watson, Spiderman into the spiderverse.

These all remain at steam quality 90 and never move however if I go to watch say gravity, skyscraper,batman Vs superman,2012 they all have a steam quality of 3185 or more.

So what causeing this for the PS4 pro did they change file formats or something as it is CLEARLY not my internet.


I also checked euphoria like poster had and it is doing the same thing stream quality 90 and never moves.

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