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NowTV worst customer service EVER!

Perhaps someone can help me out with this one. I'll also apologise in advance for how long-winded this post is going to be, but this saga is rather long.

I have been a customer of NowTV for around 2 years, and my service has consistently been blighted with service blackouts, technical issues and a lack of answers surrounding any problems from the company themselves. The reason I have stayed a customer is because I am a fan of the programming, and when the service does work as should, it is fantastic. However, 50% efficiency is not something I look for in a service that I am paying for, and what is making me lean towards leaving this service.

My problem occurs in the following way:

Whenever I watch NOWTV on the Xbox One app, I can never get more than a few minutes into a programme before the app tells me "Oops, something went wrong".

This problem often lasts for at least a few days before it seems to cure itself, but normal service tends to only last for up to a week before the problem repeats.

Things I have tried and checked:

1. My Internet service is fine, and it is more than fast enough.
2. I have repeatedly cleared my system and app caches.
3. I am not a member of the Xbox Preview Program.
4. I have reformatted my Xbox on one occasion out of sheer annoyance and desperation.
5. It works on other devices, but when I want to watch a movie with my wife, huddled round her phone on the sofa is not how I want to watch.

Other methods I have tried:

1.NowTV live chat. My main problem with this is that despite stating in any conversations all of the above methods have been tried that day, I still get told to do those steps. The advisors do not read anything I say correctly, and have never been able to solve my problem. They also keep telling me to try another device. See point 5 above.
2. Email. Again the same problem as No. 1.
3. Pestering the company on Facebook and Twitter to give me a phone number so I can speak to a manager or someone high up in the food chain, but I'm repeatedly told that they do not have access to phones.).

I'd really like to speak to someone who has a voice, because that way I can open a dialogue with someone who isn't a bot or reading from a script.

I'd also like a refund for this month as this is now the 3rd solid week of service blackouts and their advisors haven't given me a solution. In fact, ideally I'd like half of every penny I've paid them to be refunded. I've held my tongue until now but I've had enough.

I really don't want to give up the service, as I love the entertainment and movies packages and what they offer but this is getting beyond a joke.

Has anyone had any experience of this consistent poor service, or has anyone on here had any luck at all finding a person to speak to? Even an address so I could go to their offices would be great.

Netflix never gives me any of these headaches!
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NOW TV Team (Retired)

Re: NowTV worst customer service EVER!

Hi Callum.


Thanks for getting in touch with us here on the Forum.


I can see that you've been in touch with us in various ways so I've dropped you an e-mail so you won't have to run the issue by someone again.


Let's try and figure this out 🙂






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