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Scholar 2

Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

My point was that I wouldnt be contemplating it - were it not for NOWTV. 

I think the company is potentially dangerous.


And if anyone needs support - reach out to anyone - just dont sign up for NOWTV



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Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

@gavs82008  @Saint1976 


Hi Fellas


Let me take this down a notch, right now I'm having a Christmas drink and watching a YouTube video about bi-wiring a Hi-Fi amp to speakers, yeah bi-wiring is a thing, and I'm wondering is this a technical advance or just snake oil.


Also, bought myself another NAS computer off eBay, had some minor difficulties with the device but I've got it up and running and it's A-OK.  My PC was running out of space on it's HDs (yes, I have two) and I'm off loading GBs of data and docs to this new (old stock) NAS.


You know guys, it's kinda funny (peculiar) how we seem to depend on tech stuff more and more, stuff a few years ago literally did not exist. Plus, I'm doing stuff, like streaming music and watching multiple TV channels, that a few years ago I could never imagine in my wildest dreams. 


Personally. I think the technical advancements that's been achieved over the past few years has been good for us mere mortals.  But the political environment has become very toxic, I don't know if things will become more stable in 2021 and beyond but I do hope so.



UK Bob


PS.  Trying hard not to politicise my post.

Scholar 2

Re: NowTV Worst Customer Service EVER!!

Hi there,


For anyone reading I must apologise for how emotional I was on Christmas Eve - you see I was told I had won a competition and that I would have a free entertainment pass for the foreseeable future. On Christmas day no less - when trying to be honest and saying I didnt want a free movie pass because Id had one before and my brain was all foggy with the Christmas cold everyone seems to be getting in this country - they then told me that they had revoked my competition win. 


I had so much proof it existed and I still do and I will and I advise anyone to talk to Citizens Advice Beaureau.


Since then I ve had to provide my address and bank details?? I think this is so they can block me in future. They have also now blocked me from being able to talk to them on the opera browser. They tried to block me on Christmas day on firefox and that worked. 


I have numerous print screens I would like to share if anyone can tell me how to do so?

Is there an independent site to talk about such issues. 


As I have already said I did apologise for being emotional - but that wouldn't have happened without how I was treated. 


I believe my posts have caused upset as for the FIRST TIME in six years my account keeps being blocked - AND - they have also blocked my ability to talk to them on live chat. 


I have no way to contact them. This is the second time today I have to change my password. 


I tried to apologise on boxing day. I didn't think my ''rants'' on here would matter. I have always previously left NOWTV customer service with a feeling of immense gratitude. 


What happened to be on Christmas day was cruel and it takes someone with honour to admit to that.

I am able to admit my mistakes and apologise.

It does not seem to be the case on the other side with nowtv. 


It looks like these silly games are going to continue until I give up. And to be honest I will give up. 

The programs you get aren't that great anymore anyway. 


And I can watch them at my neighbours house. 





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