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Now tv keeps saying maximum devices once some fixes it

I am bloody furious because yet again now tv keeps saying maximum device activity when I haven't touched it or removed any devices or even added any. I am not happy.

This happened last Monday, last Saturday and now this morning. I want it fixed so it doesn't do it again because this is a joke and I also want a reason why it is doing it a lot.

I've never had this problem till reacently. Only devices on it should be my phone and my black now tv Box

I want a reason why it's doing it and I also want it fixed.
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Re: Now tv keeps saying maximum devices once some fixes it



Welcome to the forum. 

When you got to your My Account > Manage Devices page


do you just see your phone and box listed? If so you shouldn't get any error messages when watching on those devices.


If other devices are being added to your list and there are others in the household it may be that someone else is watching on those devices as well. Very rarely if your phone or box updates software it may be recognised as a new device as well. If anybody else watches on their phone it's possible to delete devices direct from the NOW TV app so check nobody is doing this without realising.


To get it sorted quickly so you can watch again, best to pop onto live chat and explain what's happened. To reach live chat go to the following help page


If it still happens post back and a member of the NOW TV Team can try and see why it's happening.

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