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No subtitles?

Hello there, I'm new on nowtv, I just finish the Frist episode of GoT but I couldn't find any subtitles options anywhere, i really need it cause I'm deaf and you know... Unfortunately I can't read lips 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: No subtitles?

Hi @Jiken 


Was you watching GOT on the live NowTV stream or on catch up ?


I might be wrong, but i don't think NowTV supports subtitles on the live feed only on the catch up service.


Also what playback device are you using to watch GOT, where with my NowTV box when the episode plays on catch up, i press either the star or ok button on the remote an info banner appears where i can navigate the remote and highlight the bubble speach icon, where there is an option to switch on subtitles.

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Re: No subtitles?

If it's GoT Season 1 Episode 1, I guess it's on demand and not live viewing..

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