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Hello, need help

Hello all, I've got an issue and I'm hoping someone can help me, recently I opened an account with NOW TV to watch Sky Sports content and for price of £33 p/m is good considering Virgin etc charge way over £40, anyway, a few days ago I opened an account and paid for 2 months (1st month was free 2nd month was the charge) and it has been really good until about an hour ago it's constantly buffering and I'm having to reset the console and application on my PlayStation.


After 10 minutes it says "sdk.buffering_limit_inknownreason.main_content" with another message saying "oops something went wrong, That didn't work so we're going to look into it" 


I've uninstalled NOW TV on my PlayStation 4

I've rebooted the app on my PlayStation 3 or 4 times

I've rebooted my PlayStation twice


Any ideas?


Hi @Undertaker did you ever manage to resolve your issue you were facing on your PS4?