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Can’t sign in

Trying to sign in to Now TV on my new Samsung TV but says that I am unable and to try later? This seems to be a common problem yet having spoken to a live agent they could not assist. I have done a software update still nothing. PLEASE ASSIST! 

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Re: Can’t sign in

Bit of a long shot but how many different devices have you already used your now tv account on? If you’re already on 4 then it won’t let you watch it on a fifth - you have to go on to your account, your devices, then remove one before adding the new tv to your list. 





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Re: Can’t sign in

@Onelastrequest  @SGentry 




You probably don't know this but Now TV now allows you to have six devices attached to your account, however the two simultaneous streaming limit still applies.



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Re: Can’t sign in

The limit is 6 now, with three changes allowed per month.


Did you miss the announcement?


But the message @SGentry is getting is not the ‘device limit reached’ message,


@SGentry  how long did you give your TV to settle down before trying the log on? Mine seems to need about three minutes before it has all services truly active. 

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Re: Can’t sign in

Ah no, I didn’t know that it had changed to 6 devices. Thank you for letting me know! 

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