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Can’t sign in via PS3



i have set up the Now TV entertainment pass through BT. My payment details are stored with BT. 

I can sign in and watch Now TV via the app on IOS, PS4, and my BT Youview box. However I cannot sign in on PS3 (latest update)


when I try to sign, login error message says that my payment details aren’t correct (which of course they but are stored with BT). 


Narrowing the problem down I think it must be the PS3 app as logging in via PS4 worked and displayed the Pass screen summary which confirms my passes and that they are billed through BT. PS3 won’t login to show this screen which maybe an error with the app and how it validates payments/passes. 

ive tried reinstalling PS3 Now TV and also a password reset. But it still doesn’t work. 

Does anyone have any ideas?