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Buffering issues with NOW TV PS4 app

Anyone else having buffering problems with the NOW tv app on PS4. I've tried all the suggestions (e.g. reinstalling app). It might be ok for 20/30 mins at a time, but at times it''s unwatchable - buffering every minute or so for about 5/6 seconds a time (sometimes longer). It happens regardless of time of day and has been happening consistently since I opened an account a couple of weeks back.


None of my other streaming services are having any problems. And NOW tv app on my ipad doesn't have any issues at all. So I'm pretty sure it's not my wifi that's the problem. I had NOW tv on the same console about a year ago and there wasn't any problems like this last time.


Is this a current known problem with the PS4 app and are they doing anything to try and fix it?


I signed up to watch GoT over the coming weeks (like I did last year), but last year I kept it for several months after to watch other stuff, but I won't bother this time round if this service continues and I can't watch it on my console which is my main entertainment centre!


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