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pass expired early?

I purchased a 6 month pass on the 1st of May 2017 and today my access is unavailable as my pass has expired??? May to October is only 5 months and I cannot find any way to contact NowTV to complain - help please 🙂

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Re: pass expired early?

@Paul-Hastie what you have shared is your bills not the pass info. Go to Myaccount then Mypasses and see what it says there. You can then contact Now if it has definitely expired using the red text below in my response.

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Chat are open 8am to Midnight:

Contact Now...

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Re: pass expired early?

I have had same problem and a few weeks ago Ifound that I could not view movies even although Ihad active pass, in the end it was sorted via CHAT line but with some difficulty as my voucher was still showing active on their system and in the end they told me to go to buy a pass as this was showing instead of my active pass that had been active for several months without difficulty until somehow their system had deleted it on my system and allthough showing active on theirs was denying me movies.

After some discussion over several days and having been without movies for several weeks prior to gettig in touch which as you have found is not easy they suggested trying to buy pass and if it charged me they would refund the cost this Idid and it appeared not to charge me and came up with my original active expiry date.

It has now happened again now on entering a new voucher it came up as accepted and when I went back in several minutes later it was showing my old expiry date of 3rd Nov. instead of new 3rd Jan. 

Do not do any of what I have said without having them on line with the problem and always note down your active pass numbers when you actvate them with the dates of activation and expiry as this is not the first and obviously not the last that this type of situation happens and they have no idea how.