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wonder woman

hi allplease could you tell me why wonder woman has been advertised as availanle now all week only to find that it isnt available now at all.. what a swizz.. neale


why is now tv charhing me every 2 weeks? here is my 2018 billing history: sky cinema 04.01.18 £9.99 sky kids 04.01.18 £2.99 sky cinema 15.01.18 £9.99 sky kids 15.01.18 £2.99 sky cinema 25.01.18 £9.99  sky cinema 13.02.18 £9.99 sky kids 13.02.18 £2.99...


Hi there, I know that we have monthly passes, for CINEMA, ENTERTAINMENT and SPORTS, I would like to know, that if NOW TV could add an additional passes for CINEMA, ENTERTAINMENT and SPORTS? Instead of just having monthly passes, could it be possible,...

Resolved! Expiry dates of Shop-Bought Passes With Now TV Box

Ok this has been asked several times before but can someone at Now Tv tell me the "Use by" date on passes included with Now TV boxes? The little booklets showing the pass number do not have an expiration date shown anywhere. I assume it is a minimum ...

trial pass

I have a 14 day free sky cinema pass, i uploaded over a week ago and cannot watch any movies, message comes up oops something went wrong, tried live chat, dont believe there is such a thing as get no response, very frustrated is there any help

Resolved! HD or not ?

Hi guys,I have two now TV boxes which stream sky sports HD, and the entertainment HD brilliantly. If i was to subscribe to the Cinema pass too, would they be in HD or SD ?

Resolved! Issue with cinema pass

Hi, I went to cancel my cinema pass and was offered £3.99 a month which I accepted and have an email from now tv confirming this however the start date came and went and my pass is still not active. Any help would be much appreciated:)

No Voucher code in my Box

Hi  I have just set my now tv box up, there is no voucher code under the scratch part of my card?so i have no code?!I scratched it off gently but it is literally white underneath theres noe ven a trace of where a number may of been! what can i do?! I...

Resolved! Oscars 2018

Hi,  do we know yet if the Oscars ceremony will be on Sky Cinema as in previous years?The Oscars page on hasn't been updated.thanks!