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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

Hi @Hunnib1


As @Andy says, all the Disney movies are still available on LG, it's just that particular section isn't showing them. Smiley Happy


While we're fixing the problem you can still search for the movie you'd like, or navigate to them some other route. Easiest thing is to do right now is as suggested above. Check them out on your iPad, add the ones you want to your Watchlist, then it'll be super easy to pick them again on your TV!


Sorry for any inconvenience, and I'll try to update here when I know more about the fix.




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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

I'm having that same problem - On the IOS app, I can see all (or a large majority) of Disney films under the genre filter, but on safari and chrome on my Macbook, Only 1 film shows up. It's not a major issue of course (first world problems and such), I mean if I want to watch a certain movie I do what you say and add it to my watchlist from my phone, but it would just be handier if I could browse all Disney/Pixar films from the one place: The wide selection of Disney films is the reason for me switching to NOWtv after all!


Many thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

Hi there I was just wondering when you will be adding season 3 Star Wars rebels

Kind regards
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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

Hi i have no disney films at all it's not even showing in the film list I only use now tv for the children and disney films.. .. I've 3 very fustratd girls what's happening or is it time I cancel my membership
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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

Hi and welcome to the forum @Kellykellykelly,


The catagories change all the time, as do the movies on offer, due to pre-arranged agreements with their copyright holders!


No doubt the dedicated 'Disney' catagory will re-appear at some time in the future. Are there any listed under the 'Family' catagory?




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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

@Kellykellykelly search for the films by name.

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Re: Where have all the Disney films gone?

Hi all 


The Disney genre filter may have disappeared but there are still quite a number of Disney films on the system. The Marvel films are also classed as Disney as Disney owns Marvel Studios.


If I remember correctly. There were issues with the Disney genre filter on some devices , and as far as I know they were never confirmed this fixed. So it could just be they have removed the filter whilst they are changing/fixing something

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