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Re: Missing Cinema Pass

@PattiRThat is exactly what happened to me and why I started this thread. Now TV insist that this is impossible, but it seems you are the third on here that the impossible has happened to!


Come on Now TV! Confess, there is a bug in your system and you are liable.


And will I ever get my email I was promised on the chat line?

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Re: Missing Cinema Pass

Hey!! After 3 online chat calls and replying to 2 emails sent to me, uploading my proof of purchase and serial number of Now Tv box  finally persistance has paid off.  I have just received an email from Now Tv with a new code for a replacement 2 month SKY cinema pass. Success!!!  Anyone else who has had this problem  don't give up!!  It's not your fault it's disappeared from their system.  

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Re: Missing Cinema Pass



Hi Patti


As a matter of personal policy, I always take a screen print of my accepted passes that way if any problems occur I can produce a jpg picture, along with my pass/voucher number, to send to Now TV as proof of purchase and entry onto their system.


As someone who has worked with computers, I know that no computer system is foolproof, that's why organisations constantly take daily, weekly and monthly backups.


However, for us as consumers, all we need to do is protect ourselves, against their computer problems and mishaps, is by keeping evidence that we have spent our money with them. And that proof should be kept until the service paid for is used.


Anyway, glad to see that your problem has been resolved.



UK Bob




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