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Keep cancelling Cinema Pass, but keeps renewing anyway

So I cancelled my Movies pass in September, but it renewed for the month anyway, so I cancelled it again and it should have ended a few days ago.


However, I've just seen that £9.99 has been taken out of my account 2 days ago for another month's pass. Why does it keep renewing itself? Ideally, I'd want that £9.99 back, considering this is the 2nd time it's renewed itself, meaning it's now cost me £19.98 for a service I've cancelled.

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Re: Keep cancelling Cinema Pass, but keeps renewing anyway

@Welshy93 pop onto chat and ask them to cancel for you. Add a payment pin to the account too. Also if you have confirmation of the cancellation ask them for a refund for both months. If you are not going to use the service they can remove your card details.

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