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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Hi @Irf7


As above, I appreciate your passion on this!


Fortunately, if you hadn't already seen, we do have movement on subtitles: We understand that support for these is an oft-requested addition, and Sky announced earlier this year they would become available across a range of their products - including NOW TV. Please Click Here for the press release.


To clarify, there is currently no legal requirement to provide either surround sound or subtitles on NOW TV.


On 5.1, we are aware of the call for it from this thread, and I have fed this back to the relevant teams. As before, I'd love to see some research on surround sound enabled households in the UK, as that would give a great idea of who we'd be catering for.


@4268: The addresses are publicly available, so it's okay to post them like that. We mostly disable the hyperlinks to protect any personal data customers might accidentally share. Smiley Happy




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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Whilst I'm sure research showing the percentage of households that have surround sound capabilities would be useful, I'm not sure how relevant it is to whether it's available on NowTV or not.  After all, Sky's other services provide it for many films and TV - whether over broadcast or on catch up/download.  I doubt whether similar market research was carried out before providing it then....


Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels like a licensing or cost issue to me - installed base for Sky Cinema via STB is probably considerably higher than NowTV subscribers, therefore it's worth it to pay the licensing or pay for the encoding....


I'll see what's out there re households with 5.1 though, just out of interest...

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Back at ya, Jason C!


You’re a diamond geezer for engaging in dialogue with me on the issues I’ve raised. Ta for feeding back my heartfelt plea for 5:1 Dolby Digital to be rolled out on Now TV to your relevant teams.


I feel, as a lover of cinema, like I have a real stake in Now TV’s development. After all, cinema is Sky Cinema’s raisons d'être, and to cut corners by not deploying maximal technical gusto (within reason, of course) on Now TV’s output leaves me feeling undervalued as a consumer. You guys have the movies, therefore I want to subscribe; however, I honestly believe that we as customers deserve at least the quality those receiving Sky Cinema via satellite get. We’re paying good money like them. It may be a few quid less here or there, but unlike them, we have eschewed expensive infrastructure by purchasing our own smart televisions and set-top boxes. We’re saving Sky money, dude.


Jason, mate, the 5:1 research you seek is above my pay grade. I’m just some bloke on his computer, you’re a part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire, and therefore, you have the resources to commission the aforementioned research if you want the data. The thing is, 5:1 DD is as standard on Sky HD: did you guys do research on that front or was it just implemented? What makes Sky HD a special case and Now TV exemption? Heck, there isn’t even an option for improved services via Now TV.


I cannot decipher any justifiable reason why the Sky Cinema we stream via Now TV is curtailed in ways that it is. It just seems so wrong and punitive.


Jason, pal, I ain’t gonna stop campaigning on this issue. I just can’t. It may seem mad to many of you, especially when, as a society, my efforts are probably better spent writing to MPs to better the lives of disabled people or abolish the need for food banks in Britain. Yet here I am, campaigning for 1080p HD and 5:1 DD on Now TV. Either I’m shameful or just want a fair deal from Sky. Either way, I’m campaigning and here to stay.


Much love, bro.

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

OK, so as you might expect, market research on such things is quite hard to pin down for free.  But there are a few links below that give a flavour...


In 2015, households with Surround Sound rose by 51%


And the shape of home cinema is changing:


Whilst according to that, traditional 5.1 set ups are declining, I don't think that changes the desire for 5.1 output - in fact, it may increase it.  As the price point for decent soundbars that do pump out 5.1 comes down, so you're likely to see greater demand. 


Or something. Smiley Happy



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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Was pretty surprised to see a lack of 1080p, ive been using a 720p plasma for the last 8 years and was pretty happy with nowtv for movies but having recently upgraded to a 65" 4k tv and the picture looks is so far behind netflix and amazon prime not even counting 4k content.


Came here looking for info on when nowtv will be going 4k and to see the picture isnt even 1080p is nuts. Fair play to you guys chasing this - doesn't make sense to me - against their competitors for streaming services it make it a much less favourable option. The film selection is great but 720 isn't good enough for newer big tvs.


Has there ever been a indication on a lack of 1080p?

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p



Welcome to the forum.


Unfortunately NOW TV are pretty tight-lipped when it comes to any upcoming improvements so there's been no word on if or when 1080p might arrive, but it is something that gets asked for fairly often and the best thing you can do for now is to vote for and/or leave a comment on the Ideas Board here

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

You know, the anger many us have towards Now TV for not implementing 1080p HD and 5:1 Dolby Digital is rather misdirected. The decision to withhold such features actually comes from Sky wanting a three-tier platform for its services, thus creating a bigger market share where it possesses a small but expensive top end (Sky Q), a moderately expensive but huge middle ground (Sky HD), and an emerging but volatile contract free lower end (Now TV). Such an approach gives Sky and its shareholders wicked financial dividends. It is sound business, right?


But here’s the thing: can it last? Sky’s corporate mentality is locked somewhere in the mid-noughties, where HD picture and DD sound used to seem luxurious benefits. Sky seems to be unwilling to recognise that those ostensible benefits are now de facto, hence why Netflix and Amazon just include it as part of their regular service. What was a luxury is now de facto.


Look, Sky can see the success Netflix is having with its approach to streaming media and it wants a share of that market. But the way it is doing on Now TV is out dated and weird. It cannot last. Surely the overlords at Sky can see this.

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p



You know IRF


I'm just gonna throw a little cold water on your post:


You said, "the anger many us have towards Now TV for not implementing 1080p HD....". This "anger" you speak of is way overstated and I believe that most Now TV consumers do not feel the way you do, some might but the majority do not.


As for Sky's corporate mentality, remember that they're running a tech company and tech companies know that if they do not move with the times they will go under, i.e. become a memory/a footnote in history. Plus, you must know that Sky has a mountain of various reports, e.g. trends, consumer expectations, sector profitability, etc. at their finger tips. And as such are more likely to know how to service the market sector they are operating in.


Sky has far more information than you have, plan every move they make and also, more than likely, keep an eye on both Netflix and Amazon to see if these companies pick up on trends they may miss.  


Therefore, I am sure that Sky/Now TV  will move into the 1080p 5.1 HD surround sound arena when they determine the market is ready.



UK Bob

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Yo, UK Bob, by capitalising my name, one deduces that thee is not a happy bunny with me. Come now, I’m not trying to upset my fellow Now TV community members, I just want people to fix up and look sharp. I want them to Believe in Betterand all that.


Mate, far be it for me to cast dispersions on Sky’s business prowess. Heck, I’m just some loser in front of a keyboard, whereas they are … well … Sky.


But, UK Bob, I am a consumer and have a right to be heard. I also have an ethical responsibility, I feel, to cajole others to want better. It matters to me, and some others, that Now TV gets with the times and starts streaming in 1080p HD and 5:1 Dolby Digital. I may be a minority voice but my opining on this issue shouldn’t be negated. UK Bob, mate, there was a time when the majority in Britain didn’t believe in women having a vote, but a few did, and very strongly indeed. The few changed greater consensus.


Sky is a powerhouse of a media empire. It has altered our indigenous culture in massive ways. Thirty years ago, the concept of rampantly expensive subscriptions for soccer and entertainment programming was characteristically un-British, whereas it is the norm now. We accept it as a culture. We are even willing to shell out extra it seems, just to watch movies in HD and DD on Sky Cinema via satellite. But are we getting a good deal or are we, as consumers, being played by Sky? It’s food for thought, bruv.


No-one is forcing me to be a Now TV customer. I wanna be one, sir. I would like to, however, defend my consumer position and campaign for a better service. We all should, really.


Peace out, homie.

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Oh jeez.... 

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