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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

SeeMoreDigital wrote:


As previously mentioned, it's not possible for Now TV to offer their 'live' streaming movie service at 1080p because Sky's current satellite output is 1080i (which isn't supported by most IP hardware playback devices anyway). So the best we could actually look forward to having is 1080p on 'non live' streaming movie content.




@SeeMoreDigital As ever, from a technical point of view you are 100% correct Smiley Happy

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

I received a pass at Christmas for the movie package, it's my first time on the forums and I'm sure there will be the Now Tv "gurus" that justify the poor service but with 720 streaming at best, and that would appear to be in a low bandwidth with obvious banding in smoky, or underwater, scenes coupled with the lack of 5.1 sound it appears to be a forgotten service.


Like for like comparison with other providers already mentioned in this thread is night and day


I suppose Sky have to justify the cost difference for their satellite packages and quality is certainly the key here.


An ex Now TV subscriber

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

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I was really disappointed that premium costs for on demand release with Now TV did not deliver 1080 resolution or 5.1. But I do realise that this is Skys entry level offering. Have no doubt that they want to restrict the technology to give you a reason to spend more of your money and upgrade. I understand that market strategy.i can't imagine any amount of complaining will change this strategy.


None of the uk providers are perfect at the moment, but if you can afford to, a combination gets pretty close. Unfortunately Now TV will not be amoungst my line up (having just cancelled my subscription)


All that said I will still keep the app loaded - as the ondemand sport for event like the big golf tournaments is still a reason to spend some money with Sky. 


If you want exeptional  quality join Amazon and get the bluray disks delivered. But do be prepared to be the last person on the planet ever to watch a release.



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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Another person here that was going to sign up for Now TV, until I find out that that it doesn't offer 1080 or DD5.1. I'm not bothered about live streaming, but on-demand stuff. Will keep any eye out for when this hopefully does become available.

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

At the moment, for me this is a content vs. streaming quality discussion and your preference for either.


I have both Now TV and Netflix, and as more of a movie fan than TV shows find myself enjoying the newer films on Now TV more than Netflix, but as someone with a home cinema setup, also enjoying the streaming quality of Netflix when I'm watching it.


The frustrating part is that Now TV could blitz the competition for movies if it had 1080 picture and 5.1 sound, but for their own internal reasons decide not to go with this - probably for the commercial reasons already mentioned in this thread (competition with their own satellite service).


In my opinion, there isn't really a *best* streaming service option in the UK. What you choose really depends on what you like watching, or in the case of movies, whether you value streaming quality over newer content.


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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

The thing that bother me more than anything is that they could quite feasibly add an upgraded movies package with a better picture/audio quality, then just surcharge for the privilege for those of us that would be interested. In a similar way that Sky would charge extra for the "HD pack" for example, or that Ultra HD on Netflix is a slightly higher price than standard HD is.

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p





I've just read your post and, I must admit, I agree with your post more than I would with others users complaining about the lack of  or lobbying for 5.1 Surround Sound and 1080p.


However, in order to have two levels of Internet streaming, i.e. Standard to 720p/Stereo and 720p - 1080p/5.1 Surround Sound, would mean a substantial investment in new more powerful servers and bigger Internet pipe, which would have to be approved by Now TVs parent company.


However, before any money can be spent on new equipment and staff training, someone would have to authorise market research, to see if this new investment will be worthwhile, and obviously compose and submit a strong business case to convince the decision makers in both companies (Now TV and it's parent).


Such details take time (a lot of time) to finalise, especially now as the most important thing coming up, on 29th June, is possibly the announcement of the new Now TV box, which in itself will require some technical infrastructure changes within Now TV (as well as support staff training).


Personally, I believe that Surround Sound and 1080p encoded audio/visuals will happen but it is unlikely to happen this year and I think sensibly Now TV is making evolutionary technical steps rather than revolutionary ones.  Doing a "Big Bang" could blow up in the company's face, loosing it customers and wasting it's investment.



UK Bob

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

I totally agree that Now TV has to improve quality levels of their content. It is unacceptable in 2016 to have  SD only movies.  Most of the people who are currently subscribing to the services  at least have 720p capable device and internet connection. I'm considering to stop my subscription (not to mention the subscription fee is substantially higher than the competitions) till they upgrade the quality of their services. 

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

Haen wrote:

I totally agree that Now TV has to improve quality levels of their content. It is unacceptable in 2016 to have  SD only movies. 

It's 720p on my NOW TV playback devices (which are LG televisions with in-built NOW TV app) Smiley Wink

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Re: 5.1 Sound and 1080p

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The ONLY way to get 5.1 sound through NOW TV presently is to watch the service via an XBOX - as long as it's rigged to an amp and the output set to 5.1.


Watching NOW TV via the NOW TV box gives only 2.0 sound.


Sky is MILES behind Amazon and Netflix in respect of this - threads asking for this go back FIVE years! It's the ONLY thing stopping me from getting Sky Movies via NOW TV.