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Cinema Talk


Recommend a movie on Now TV

If there is a movie on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending.

DarylM by Legend 5
  • 214 replies
  • 161 thanks

Now cinema

Why can't I add the now cinema membership? Have been trying for 2 days

free trial cinema

free trial doesn't work when I click on it. it just says try again in a moment

Harry Potter how long are they staying

Hi does anyone know how long the Harry Potters will be on the Movie section? When they first came on we noticed it said 13 days but this has now disappeared. So we're not sure whether to squeeze them all in now or if we can pace it? Our boys love the...

Scum bag move

Why on gods green earth do I have to pay an extra £3 to not watch adverts you robbing ###### make now TV free if you want to put adverts it's already £11.99 and you want to squeeze my nuts for more money it's no wonder Netflix is crushing you.

Resolved! Viewing stopped something's gone wrong

Hi i am receiving the error message Viewing stopped something's gone wrong if the problem persists contact online support team. Every time i try to watch something on my android tablet. Got 2 very upset kids who want to watch the lion king and can't 

Cinema membership

I've just took out a cinema membership on the thinking I would get all the new films that were out on sky, I can't seem to find them. Help please.