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Recommend a movie on Now TV

If there is a movie on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending.

DarylM by Legend 5
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Hidden messeges in movies

Today my 2 year old and 3 year old wanted to watch Mr poppers penguins as it's a children's film i had no problem with it till 15 mins in to the film we had a deep voice replay the actual sound I turned it off and put it back on but it's back again I...

Device limit reached.

 Hello,  I can't watch now tv on av NY of my home devices. Im allowed 6 I believe.  I've used my account over at friends houses when we've stayed and never had any issues. We've been able till remove the devices once weve left etc. I've checked my de...

now tv in hd

someone post on a forum saying that now tv as gone in hd as anyone got any info on this he did not post on here .

ken242 by Expert
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Original language WRONG

So I'm trying to watch Coco, the SPANISH disney film.  I'm disappointed to see that you have only provided the ENGLISH version - which is both presumptuous and just stupid coz it's inferior.  In addition, the on-screen drop-down says that it's in the...

Error messages on iPad and laptop

Have not been able to view anything on my iPad or laptop for the last 2 days. Some content I had downloaded has disappeared (random episodes in a series) although they are still shown as available to view, not that I can view them as the laptop won't...

Sky Cinema 'coming soon'

Is there a simple way to find out which films are being added to Sky Cinema in the next month?  Sky used to have it on the website but they have got rid of it for reasons which escape me.  You'd think that knowing what films were coming soon would en...

KBZ by Scholar
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partial star wars collection?

kinda lame to have a star wars collection without episode vii the force awakens or rogue one, dont u  think? 

tothbros by Scholar 2
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