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Now Tv Live chat is seldom available on line for Customer Service queries.

Dear Now Tv Customer Service,

I am more than content with the packages that are available on Now Tv but I am concerned with the lack of Customer Support.  The Live Chat is seldom available  since Covid and I can wait hours to connect, which is not acceptable, there is no telephone number for Now Tv users only Broadband.  

How can I contact Now Tv customer support by email?  When are the guaranteed Live chat times?

Kind regards,

Carol Stott

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I connected to Live Chat tonight for the first time also. The agent was very helpful and explained that she understood my concern. She stated Live chat was open from 8 am -12 pm daily. An email to [email removed].
is another option. She agreed it was not easy to find the live chat link. I suggested that it should be readily available and more visible.
There is a queuing system but after I waited an hour in the afternoon, I could not see my place in the queue which was not helpful. Tonight I was able to connect very quickly. As you say it’s hidden.
Thank you for your response.

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