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HBO Max Warner Bros Films

any word on wether NOWTV cinema pass will be getting the Warner Bros 2021 releases going on to HBO max? The deal Sky has was extended for 5 years in 2019 if I’m not mistaken

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@badbwoiiriddim if they go anywhere it will be into Sky Store so they can charge £24.95+ for each film (like they did in the first lockdown).

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Something I came across found very interesting


A direct quote 

However it is understood WW84 will launch on VoD in the UK just 28 days after its December 16 theatrical debut, most likely via one of the on-demand functions of pay-TV broadcaster Sky, which has a content deal with HBO. The traditional window from theatrical release to VoD launch is 16 weeks in the UK.


It would be great if it came onto Sky cinema after the 28 day period.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@gavs82008 NME are reporting it will be a 48 hour rental so will be sky store and other rental services like Amazon, Google and Apple. It won't get near Sky Cinema for several months.


In the first lockdown Sky Store charged £15.99 (not the £25 I first quoted) for a 48 hour rental so expect it to be the same or more.


It will be interesting to see the US viewing figures in Christmas Day although I'm aware it will be available from other means for free (cough cough) within minutes of it appearing on HBO Max!

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I kind of want to know if they are getting the exclusive HBO MAX tv shows like the upcoming Green Lantern.