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Device limit reached.

 Hello,  I can't watch now tv on av NY of my home devices. Im allowed 6 I believe.  I've used my account over at friends houses when we've stayed and never had any issues. We've been able till remove the devices once weve left etc. 

I've checked my devices list and everything has been removed, however I am now unable to watch any of the 3 packages we pay for. The live chat is useless. The bot just throws you back to the start. This is ridiculous, seriously thinking if cancelling.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Device limit reached.



The pop up NowTV bot is not live chat and is just an automatic method of helping you out to find help articles on the NowTV Help Centre.


To reach live chat and ask them if they can reset your devices or re add your devices on your account, then try this link below.


Once you open the link scroll half way down the screen and click on the small green arrow directly under How to Get in Touch to see the live chat button.


Should live chat not open or load for you try a different internet browser with it's ad blocking software disabled (MS Edge browser works for me). 

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RoyB Legend 5
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Re: Device limit reached.



@schnapps Is correct about what you need to do now, but I am thoroughly confused about what you’ve done.


Yes, you can set up 6 devices. but you can only have three swaps a month - a swap being when you delete a device, and then start using another device in its place.


So if you use your device at a friend’s, you use up one swap when you delete an existing device to use a friend’s device, and then another when you swap back.


Make a third swap, and that’s your quota for the month.


But even if you wind up with three of your friend’s devices on your account, you should still have three of your own you can use, even if these are not actually the ones you want to use.


To run yourself right out, you must have been deleting further devices, unnecessarily.


Can you describe in more details precisely what you did, and where you are now stuck?


So when the new month starts, on Friday, and you get three new swaps, we can help you avoid a repetition of the situation you are in.

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