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Cany buy a pass for cinema? Why cant i use my card, ive tried other cards

I've tried buying cinema pass but it wont accept my Visa debit card, I've tried using a different debit card but have the same problem, I've even called nowtv and they cant help me either, they've advised i contact via community centre, it's quite frustrating, can someone help please
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Re: Cany buy a pass for cinema? Why cant i use my card, ive tried other cards



It needs to be a regular Visa card, in sterling, and from a recognised UK bank.


If it is, then you need to ask NowTV what the issue is; the Community can’t help with billing issues.


When you called NowTV, what number did you use? If you called the Broadband Support Number, they will have told you they couldn’t help you with Pass issues, and probably meant you to go to Live Chat; here are a couple of ways of getting to this, where they can hopefully sort you out and explain why your card is being refused:-


Get in Touch (all the options, and the best place to start):-


On a screen with big buttons all around, you may find the link you need is under a tiny green arrow, so be vigilant.



Live Chat and Send Us a Message:-


On Live Chat, when you can get onto it, keep your answers short, sweet and prompt, or it will time out on you.

If the person you are talking to doesn’t seem able to understand your issue, ask to be escalated to the next level of help.

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