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Issues with buffering and streaming

My now entertainment and movies packages are unwatchable.

I don't like paying for things I can't use

Please fix this problem, I don't want to have to cancel
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Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


In the interest in collecting information: -

  • What's the make and model number of the device you're using to access the NOW TV service?
  • How is your NOW TV playback device connected to the internet. Is it via a wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us NOW TV forum members and/or a NOW TV Team member to work out a solution for you!




Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User Buffering issues usually indicates a problem with your internet connection. Some starter things you can try:


1. Give your router a restart (unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in). Let it reboot then try stream again.

2. If your using WiFi, ensure your router and box and not too far apart. Walls and other devices can interfere with the signal. Try re-locate the router or box (or both), redcue the distance between them and see if things improve.

3. Your connection speed can effect streaming if it's not very good (non-fibre connections can be very slow depending on where you live and may not be suitable for multiple devices streaming). If you have multiple devices. Ensure you are not downloading files etc on any pc's and that other devices are not streaming at the same time.

4. Try a wired connection if you have a cable, if that resolves your issue then that indicates it's a WiFi issue.

5. Ensure that box (or other device) is not too close to wirless devices, such as cordless house phones or bluetooth devices. Also ensure such devices are not located too close to your router.

6. If you are watching on a computer, ensure you are not downloading (inlcuding background downloads such as windows updates, file sync such as onedrive etc).


If you still experiance issues after trying those, please let us know. as @SeeMoreDigital requested, If you can provide more detailed info such as your connection and device your using that may help identify the problem quicker.

Anonymous User
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Thanks for responding, it doesnt stop to buffer the picture just becomes too pixilated and is unwatchable. 


1.  this hasnt made a difference 

2.all other streaming devices work well : indicating it is a problem with Now TV. 

3. we do have multiple devices, but the probelms occure with Now TV when we are all in the same room together, when no other devices are being used. 

4. not going to do this they are on different floors and we dont have a cable long enough.  refer to point 2. all other streaming work well. 

5. The router is in the attick away from all other devices, apart form the pc that it is connected to.   we are not trying to watch on a pc.


6.  please see very detailed message above. 


it may be important to note, that the streaming issues are only very recent.  this last week has been horrible, it was working perfectly for over 6 months.  we havent changed anything.  


I hope you can help 


Many thanks. 




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Hi @Anonymous User


Apart from the information that @Anonymous User has posted, the only other thing you could try would be to try some of the troubleshooting steps over on the Chromecast Help Page.


There is also the Help Forum where you could post your problem and see of any of the users on that forum have any suggestions.




Anonymous User
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TV is Luxor lux32914 idtv

Chromcast 2

Through, Huawei P9 android 6.30, lenovo yoga tab 3 android 5.0.2 and Samsung tab sm t705 android 5.0.2

It's on wifi, the router details, Virgin media 150 Mbps. The Virgin media broadband is connected to a Virgin media router set as a dumb cable modem only this is connected to an Asus Rtn66u router that serves the household for wired and wireless networks including b/g/n

The wireless n is predominantly used for the chromcast connection to now TV and all other streaming apps (5ghtz wifi). All apps and hardware are on the latest versions.

TV has been turned on and off again and followed the steps from the other answers in the forums.

Netflix, iplayer, all4, you tube, BBC media player, Google cast (not now tv) and plex stream without a problem